This goes way beyond mocking. Poking fun is one thing, but that’s not what happened. It was disingenuous. The Native Americans accused me of things that were so wrong. I felt in danger. I didn’t consent to that. I am going to be defamed.

Anonymous asked:

you have no religion. seems like you have a lot of sex, you smoke and drink and curse and promote drug use. i seriously think your soul is lost. you are going to hell.

real-hiphophead answered:

Just because I don’t believe in your God, doesn’t mean I don’t believe in a God. 

Here is my final point. About drugs, about alcohol, about pornography and smoking and everything else. What business is it of yours what I do, read, buy, see, say, think, who I fuck, what I take into my body - as long as I do not harm another human being on this planet?
 -Bill Hicks